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SEER - SOuth EAst Extreme riders 2020 series


If you are like us then you could not wait to watch this race!  There was so much as stake here, not only was it the opening round of the AMA West Extreme Enduro Series but it was Cody Webb's first race back after injuring his knee AND first race after making the switch to the Sherco Factory Racing Team.  Oh yea, there was one more added component to this race that made it awesome!  It was streamed live with announcers calling out all of the action.  I personally loved it, I streamed the entire thing throughout the day along with thousands of other enthusiasts just like me.  We have to give a big shout out to "Ultra 4 Racing" for delivering this amazing experience directly to those of us who could not make it there. (https://ultra4racing.com/ultra4-racing-live)

This was honestly a really fun race to watch as Cody Webb and Manuel Lettenbichler fought it out throughout the entire race.  It's assumed that KTM sent Manny over there to keep KTM on the podium since Cody made the switch to Sherco.  It wasn't until after the first of three laps that Cody and Manny really stepped away from the rest of the pack at which point the race for the King was really just between those 2.   It was a hard fought race between those; pretty much both of them where within ear shot of each other.  At one point they both stopped to coordinate/interpret the GPS Coordinates to ensure they where on the right track.

This was a really tough race as no one finished the final third lap within the time limit.  It was not until a bit over half way into the 3rd lap when a real winner started to emerge.   I was watching the race live and at around this time saw a live shot of Cody sitting idle on his bike talking to someone and was wondering how he could have been plowing through this entire race and then decided to stop and have a conversation.  Well it turns out that Manuel missed a checkpoint which cost him 1 hour on his time which was the same mistake that Cody made 2 years ago at this race. If Manny had not missed the checkpoint then there is a good chance that he would have taken the 1st place podium spot based on how the race was playing out.

In regards to the battle we saw between Cody and Manuel; we where routing for Cody all the way.    This is not to take away from Manny, he is a genuinely good person all around which makes it incredibly hard not to like.  I personally follow this guy on social media (as well as Cody) and can say that I genuinely like this person; it does not feel like he has a mean/evil bone in his body.  I would much rather see Cody and Manuel battle it out like this throughout the remainder of the season much more so than Cody and Colton.   I would never see someone like Manny pulling a cheap shot when they know they can't win in a race and honestly believe the inverse would happen if Cody bested him, I would see Manny congratulating him and shaking his hand.  

If the rest of the Extreme Enduro is anything like this race then we have a really fun and entertaining season to follow with some amazing/wholesome riders leading the charge!

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